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It’s okay to be average

When I was younger, I wanted to grow up to be someone amazing. Someone who made a meaningful contribution to the world. I equated being an ‘average’ person to being a failure. This mindset led me down a path of perfectionism that was completely unsustainable.

With the increase of internet memes about gifted child syndrome and burnout, I’ve realised that I’m not alone in my struggle with the pressure to be extraordinary. This mindset is not limited to the classroom and the office. In fact, most aspects of life seem to encourage competition and comparison.

In this post, I defend being average and explain why we shouldn’t give in to the pressure to be impressive.

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Don’t Look Up- coping during a crisis

Note: this post contains spoilers for Don’t Look Up (2021)

Last week, I watched Netflix’s 2021 disaster-comedy film, Don’t Look Up. I heard from others that it was depressing to watch, due to its astute social commentary and grim ending. However, I found Don’t Look Up‘s ending quite comforting. I had a similar reaction to Bo Burnham: Inside (2021) which was also about coping during a crisis.

There is an abundance of articles, reviews, and video essays discussing the ‘doom and gloom’ of Don’t Look Up. So, I would like to talk about the optimistic lessons I’ve learnt from the film.